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Henkel Alodine 5700 Non-Chromate Conversion Coating #680-119
Henkel Alodine 5700 Non-Chromate Conversion Coating
Chemical Name:
Alodine 5700 Conversion Coating
Chromate Conversion Coating

Detailed Product Description:

Alodine® 5700, a registered trademark of Henkel Surface Technologies,

is a pre-mixed, ready-to-use chemical formulation for a treatment process

for aluminum used to provide corrosion protection and as a surface

preparation for paint and adhesives.  It is identical in formulation to

Alodine® 5200 except that it is pre-diluted and ready for immediate use.


Sometimes called “aluminum passivation,” this formulation is free of

chromium and is thus considered “environmentally friendly.” Additionally,

it is not considered hazardous under 29 CFR 1910.1200.


As with other Alodine versions, it is intended to provide corrosion

Prevention on aluminum alloys, even when left unpainted.  


Chemical conversion coatings provide excellent treatments to prep

Aluminum prior to painting or in preparation for application of adhesives

since they greatly enhance the ability of an organic coating to form a

bond with the aluminum substrate.  Being a surface conversion treatment

rather than an actual coating, it will not alter the dimensions of the part.


Specification & Certifications:

Alodine®5700 methods and properties are not currently listed in

QPL-81706-16 and as such, they are not certified for use to achieve

either Class 1A or Class 3 coatings on aviation or mil-spec components.  


Application Notes & Surface Preparation:

Please refer to Henkel’s “Technical Process Bulletin #236182 (see link

below) for proper application and use.



Comes packed in either 1-pint or 1-quart HDPE bottle with tamper-evident

seal in heat-sealed poly bag.




Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Henkel Alodine 5700 Technical Process Bulletin

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