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  Krytox 240AC PFPE Grease #800-137
Krytox 240AC PFPE Grease

Detailed Product Description:

Krytox 240AC is an aerospace certified fluorinated grease intended for deep vacuum applications.

It is a white buttery grease that uses Krytox 2000 PTFE thickener that has a melting point of 617ºF.

The base is Krytox 143 series oil—a clear odorless perfluorinated polyether (“PFPE”) synthetic

that is nonflammable, nontoxic and nonreactive—safe in oxygen and chemical environments.

Because of its exceptionally low vapor pressure, in most terrestrial applications this grease will

literally never dry out.

Useful Temperature Range:             -30ºF to +550ºF

Vapor Pressure (@ 100ºF):               8 x 10-8 torr                            

Product Size/Packaging:

Comes in 2-ounce plastic squeeze tube.

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