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  Fomblin Y-Grade PFPE Vacuum Pump Oil #800-133
Fomblin Y-Grade PFPE Vacuum Pump Oil

Detailed Product Description:

This is a perfluorinated polyether synthetic oil formulated specifically for deep vacuum pumps.  Inert to most reactive chemicals.  The fluid can be used in direct contact with materials such as Uranium Hexafluoride, F2, PCl3, or BF3 without harm to the fluid.  It will not polymerize when exposed to oxygen, ionizing radiation or accelerated sub-atomic particles.  Non-flammable.

Starting with hexafluoropropylene, through a photochemical process perfluorinated polyether Fomblin oil is derived.  The chemical chain contains only carbon, fluorine and oxygen atoms and thus exhibits low vapor pressure, is chemically inert and has high thermal stability.


Under normal conditions of intended use, this product does not pose a risk to health. 


Comes in a 1-liter polyethylene jug.

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