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  LPS Precision Clean #460-101
LPS Precision Clean

Detailed Product Description:

LPS Precision Clean’s aqueous-based, foaming formulation effectively cleans grease, oil, and



Its active ingredient is Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether (DGME).  It contains no Butyl Cellosolve, chlorinated solvents, petroleum solvents, ammonia, bleach or any abrasives.


Precision Clean is biodegradable and rinses clean.  It has a pleasant citrus odor though it

is not a citrus terpene-based solvent.  Additionally, it contains a corrosion inhibitor which

prevents flash rusting of steel and cast iron surfaces.


It is used extensively world-wide in the aviation industry. 

Meets McDonnell CSD#1 and BoeingD6-17487, AMS 1526A



Flammable.  Contains combination of propane and isobutane as an aerosol propellant.



Comes in 18-ounce aerosol with special “Inverta” spray valve that allows you

to spray in upright or inverted orientation.





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