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  X-Pack Water Treatment Unit #490-102
Chemical Name:

Detailed Product Description:

The X-Pack consists of a plastic pouch with two compartments in it separated by what is called a semi-permeable membrane.  You use it by filling the one side with dirty, contaminated, or suspect water.  You then add to the other side a specially-formulated syrup from a small bottle supplied with the kit.  This syrup is formulated much like the concentrate for a typical sports drink like Gatorade in that it contains various salts and sugars that are used to provide the “osmotic pressure” needed to draw the water molecules through the membrane.


Once charged, the X-Pack will produce 1.75 liters of the equivalent of a sports drink containing about 4% sugar (this compares to Gatorade at 6% and soda pop at 12%) in about 8 hours.  Thus, it can be re-filled three times a day and produce a total of over 5 liters of hydrating drink per day. 


Each X-Pack is good for a total of ten days of use after first use.  This limitation is based on the useful estimated time before bacterial growth overwhelms the membrane and begins to break through to the clean side.


The membrane has a pore size of 3-5 Angstroms which is 100 times smaller than the smallest pathogens.  It is capable of blocking bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and can even reduce the concentration of salts and most pesticides.


Storage & Shelf Life:

Each X-Pack is guaranteed for a minimum 3 year shelf life when stored below 90˚F.  It can be stored safely at temperatures ranging from -40˚F up to 160˚F without damage.


Purification Performance:

The effectiveness of the filtration can be summarized as follows:


Contaminant                                         Rejection Rate

Bacterial Pathogens                             99.99%  

Radioactive ions                                  100%

Chemical Warfare Agents                  95%

Pesticides                                              95%

Odors                                                     95%

Heavy Metals                                       85-90%

Salt                                                         not currently effective (See note below)


Application Notes:

If your bulk water supply is substantially salt, use the alternate product called “SeaPak” which is designed specifically for salt water purification.


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