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  Wafab Chemical Management Systems #1000-600

Detailed Product Description:

We represent Wafab International, a premier wet bench manufacturing company.


Wafab International, founded in 1979, is a global supplier of wet processing

stations and components.  With the help of one of the leading chip manufacturers

in the world, Wafab pioneered and developed the first center feed, recirculating

and filtered wafer process bath for the semiconductor industry.


Wafab International is the source for all of your wet processing needs ranging

from full turnkey wet stations and individual components, to an engineering staff

to help design custom systems and tanks—all supported with 24/7 field service,

dedicated to keeping your equipment running efficiently.


Products include manual acid stations, stainless steel solvent stations, gold plating

stations, and semi-automated stations that utilize a servo drive linear motion robot,

PLC and a color touch screen interface.


To discuss your process equipment needs, contact us through our Technical

Support department or call us directly at (408) 221-7122



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