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  Magnesium Treatment Kit #680-227
Chemical Name:
Magnesium Treatment Kit
Chromate Conversion Coating

Product Description:

The Magnesium Treatment Kit contains all the materials necessary to

produce a chromate conversion coating on magnesium alloys. 

This coating will conform to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type VI (formerly MIL-M-3171,

Type VI). Additionally, the application method conforms to the requirements

of NAVAIR 01-1A-509.



Magnesium and its alloys are more galvanically active than even zinc

on the galvanic series. Magnesium will form a strong galvanic cell with

every other metal it comes into contact with and is always sacrificial. 

When magnesium corrosion is detected, it requires immediate attention

or the corrosion will spread throughout the entire structure. Therefore,

these alloys must be properly protected from corrosion damage.


This conversion coating is sometimes referred to as “Dow 19” and produces a

charcoal gray to gold-colored finish on most magnesium alloys.


Typical Applications:

This kit was developed specifically for convenient touch-up and corrosion

repair in the field or in repair shops. Ideal for touch-up and repair on helicopter

gearcases and transmission housings and other aircraft components.



Prior to the development of this kit, the chemicals and processes necessary to

perform field repairs on magnesium castings and other magnesium components

were simply not available. Previous instructions had users mixing up their own

formulations from bulk hazardous chemicals which are difficult to obtain in

small quantities.


Specification & Certifications:

The coating produced by proper application of the contents of this kit conforms

to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type VI (formerly MIL-M-3171, Type VI), referred to in

the “Aircraft Cleaning and Corrosion Control Manual (NAVAIR 01-1A-509). 


Surface Preparation & Application Notes:

Consult “Process Instruction #3171-6-1” (see link below) for

recommended surface preparation and process details.




Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Process Instruction



All required materials including an 8-ounce bottle of pre-mixed conversion

formulation along with a trigger spray bottle for water rinse, beakers, application

brushes, neoprene gloves, and process instructions come packed in a convenient

to use and easy to stock kit.


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