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  Pri-D Diesel Fuel Treatment, Quart #500-191
Pri-D Diesel Fuel Treatment, Quart
Chemical Name:
Fuel Preservative, Fuel Stabilizer

Product Summary:

PRI-D is a super concentrate—one gallon treats 2000 gallons, and is

a complete fuel treatment that improves all diesel fuels enabling them

to perform to maximum potential.


PRI-D will stabilize biodiesel from B-5 to B-20.  PRI-D's industrial

strength, enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts with fuel upon

contact, and provides multiple benefits:

  • Engines perform better and last longer.

  • Increased power and fuel economy.

  • Fuel stays fresher longer.

  • Tanks and fuel lines remain free of slime and sludge.


PRI-D For All Diesel Engines:

Today's diesel fuels can go bad fast.  Your engine smokes more,

your fuel systems foul, power and performance taper off and sometimes

your engine just quits.  Don't get caught dead in the water or stopped

on the roadside.  


Independent laboratory tests confirm no other product is as effective

as PRI-D in preserving new fuel and restoring old fuel to refinery freshness.

That's because refinery-grade PRI-D is an industrial concentrate—much

stronger and more effective than "consumer" brands.  In fact, public utilities,

hospitals and municipalities depend on the same PRI-D strength to keep

stand-by generators running when emergencies hit.  If you want only the

very best protection for your boat, generator, or RV, settle for nothing less

than PRI-D.


                Click here to view independent laboratory testing data


Prevents Carbon Deposits:

Nothing wreaks more havoc on a diesel engine than abrasive hard carbon

deposits.   PRI-D literally prevents hard deposits, dramatically reducing liner,

piston, ring, valve and turbocharger wear.  Just ask the chief engineers aboard

the ships we service or the maintenance managers of our onshore fleets. Take

a look at our piston comparison photos.  PRI-D's enhanced thermal stability

chemistry will keep your engine running longer and farther than you ever



Stops Soot Build-Up:

Soot blackening your beautiful transom or new RV  Proud boat and RV

owners love PRI-D for keeping things shipshape.  That's because PRI-D

reduces diesel smoke up to 60 percent—the root cause of the problem.  Your

equipment will look better, you'll breathe easier, and have more time for the

things you love doing.


Eliminates Tank Slime & Sludge From Algae:

Tired of constantly changing those expensive spin-on filters because of

algae slime  While biocides like our own PRI-OCIDE are effective in killing

algae, they don't eliminate the slime produced by decomposing micro-organisms.

In fact, algae slime sinks to the bottom of your tank, building up a layer of muck

that can choke filters and leave you stopped dead when you hit rough seas or

bumpy roads.


It is important to note that biocides are not fuel stabilizers.  They do nothing to

preserve fuel stability.  Hence, it is recommended as part of a good fuel storage

practice to use a combination of an EPA-registered biocide and EPA-registered

fuel stabilizer.  PRI-D and PRI-OCIDE are designed to work together to provide

maximum fuel reliability.


Only PRI-D dissolves the nasty slime and sludge that results from algae infestation.

PRI-D also preserves your fuel to maximum freshness—actually eliminating the

conditions that cause algae growth.  Eliminate expensive fuel polishing and tank

cleanings.  Don't let your tank be a bacteria graveyard.


Improved Engine Performance:

PRI-D works chemically within diesel fuel to improve the combustion

process.  Improved combustion means improved engine performance.

You will realize increased power from your engine.  At the same time,

you will enjoy greater fuel economy.  PRI-D is also extremely effective

at reducing harmful emissions, including smoke opacity, NOx, and SOx.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

PRI-D is a highly effective preventative maintenance tool.  PRI-D’s proprietary,

refinery-grade chemistry is unsurpassed at preventing carbon deposits and fuel

system fouling.  Your engine will remain cleaner and last longer.  In addition, the

tank slime and sludge that diesel fuel users commonly encounter is eliminated.

Extended Storage Life:

Properly treated with PRI-D, your diesel fuel will stay fresh in storage for months

and even years at a time. Tests have shown where PRI-D has gone a step farther,

actually restoring old fuel to refinery-fresh conditions.


Super Concentrated:

PRI-D is super concentrated, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio.  This means PRI-D

is extremely cost effective to use.  Get the most out of your diesel fuel for only

pennies a gallon.

Safe To Use:

PRI-D’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead

of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use.  PRI-D contains

no potentially damaging Cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent

chemistries.  No fuel specifications are changed, therefore PRI-D meets all

major engine manufacturer fuel specifications—warranties are not voided.

This product has been used by industrial fuel customers for years, although

not widely known in the consumer market, it is the best fuel treatment available.


One of the greatest assets of PRI Fuel Treatments is the long term fuel

storage and the ability to recover old stored fuels.   If you have used

Power Service or Lucas you will find that PRI is a far superior product and

less costly per gallon to use.


Our industrial clients simply cannot afford fuel failures.  They depend on

PRI for complete system integrity and reliability.  Among the units now

relying on PRI-D are operators of standby generators at conventional and

nuclear power plants, major ISPs like America Online, telephone companies,

hospitals, and vital emergency services. 


Extends Diesel Fuel Storage Life:

Properly treated with PRI-D, your diesel fuel will stay fresh in storage for

months and even years at a time.  You’ll be assured a fast start next season

simply by treating your fuel with PRI-D prior to storage.  PRI-D goes a

step farther, actually restoring old fuel to refinery-fresh conditions.  If you

are storing diesel fuel for any period of time, you can’t afford to be without



Fuel Aging:

Since fuel is an organic material, it begins to age and deteriorate the minute

it leaves the refinery.  By the time you put "fresh" fuel in your tank, it has

already aged considerably.  Fuel continues to age as it sits in your tank, but

worse yet, this aging process is accelerated during combustion.


During the aging process, masses of carbon, gum, and resin form.  These masses

become too large to burn completely, and the combustion process is compromised.


As a result of this aging process and incomplete combustion, your engine does

not perform as designed.  Fuel burns less efficiently.  Energy and power are lost.

Fuel efficiency is reduced.  The unburned matter forms abrasive, damaging

deposits in your engine and fuel system.


Fuels age because they become "chemically unstable."  During transportation,

storage and use, fuels are exposed to oxygen and heat.  This exposure causes the

atoms in the fuel to lose their balance (i.e. become unstable), molecular reactions

take place, and the aging process begins.  This happens to all fuels, even today's

reformulated "clean" fuels.


Fuel Stabilization:

This aging process can be halted and even reversed.  If the fuel is kept in

balance—kept "chemically stable"—then aging does not occur.  This is exactly

what PRI Fuel Treatments do.  This is why PRI Fuel Treatments are referred to

as "fuel stabilizers.”


Super Concentrated:

PRI-D is super concentrated, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio.  This means

PRI-D is extremely cost effective to use.  Get the most out of your diesel fuel

for only pennies a gallon.


Mixing Ratios:

1 pint (16 ounces) to 256 gallons

1 quart (32 ounces) to 512 gallons

1 gallon (128 ounces) to 2,000 gallons



Download, read, and understand MSDS for this product.


                Click here to download MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Comes packed in quart-sized plastic jug.  Pint and Gallon sizes also available.


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