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  Aerodux-185 Phenol Resorcinol Adhesive, Pint Kit #201-207
Aerodux-185 Phenol Resorcinol Adhesive, Pint Kit
Chemical Name:
Aerodux-185 Resorcinol Adhesive

Detailed Product Description:

This is an industrial quality Phenol/Resorcinol/Formaldehyde adhesive that is

rated waterproof/boilproof and is typically used for structural wood beams. 

Due to its strength and its resistance to the elements, it is highly recommended

for classic wood boat construction/restoration and for wooden aircraft construction.



Aerodux-185 makes a perfect substitute for the more expensive Aerodux-500.

It has the same strength characteristics as the 500, meets all the same specifications,

and even cures down to 50F just like the 500. The only difference is that it uses

a powdered curing agent instead of the liquid agent used in the 500.


Application Notes:

Mixing ratio is 5 parts liquid resin to 1 part powdered hardener by weight.

The mixed adhesive can be successfully cured at workshop temperatures down

as low as 50F. 


Recommended for average workshop environments. It has a pot life ranging from

8 hours at 50F to 1 hr at 86F. It will provide a cure time ranging from 15 hrs at 70F to

3 hrs at 86F.


When used in conjunction with the supplied Hardener HRP 155, this adhesive

meets the requirements of the following specifications:

 BS1203 (type WBP)

 BS 1204 parts 1 & 2

 EN 301-Type 1

 Tested per DIN 68 141 to meet DIN 1052

 Approved by Luftfahrt-Bundesamt for wood aircraft part use.



Flammable liquid and vapors. Causes severe eye irritation. Skin irritant.

Toxic by ingestion and skin absorption.


Shelf Life/Storage:

When stored in a cool, dry place, the resin has a minimum shelf life

of 18 months. The powdered hardener has a minimum shelf life of 3 years.



Comes packed as 1-pintkit (includes powdered curing agent).




Click here to download copy of product Technical Data Sheet


 Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



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