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Fabric, Carbon Fiber, 12k, Plain Weave #770-101

Detailed Product Description:

Our 12k plain weave carbon fiber cloth is a lightweight, high strength reinforcement

for composite construction that is typically used in conjunction with vinylester or

epoxy resin systems to maximize the benefits from this fabric’s properties.. 

Used in building America's Cup boats, this great composite material can strengthen

any project while adding minimal weight. 

Plain weave is a one over one under pattern, yielding a checkerboard-like appearance.


Boat building

Automotive parts

Aerospace supplies


Bicycles and motorcycles

Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

Weave Type:                        Plain

Strand Diameter:                   .012”

Tow:                                       12k

Fabric Weight:     11 ounces/square yard

Dimensions:                          60” widths, sold by the yard in length










Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113
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