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High Speed Bearing Grease, Synthetic Base #800-135
High Speed Bearing Grease, Synthetic Base

Detailed Product Description:

This is a synthetic-based high speed bearing grease packaged specifically

for Hibon Vacuum Blowers.  It is based on Mobil’s SHC 100 synthetic grease.

This grease is specially imported from Europe—we are the sole source in the

United States for it.

It is labeled with the following part numbers:

·         DGR Part Number:  800-135

·         BOC Edwards Part Number:  314386-001

·         Lam Research Part Number:  799-047368-001


Under normal conditions of intended use, this product does not pose

a risk to health.  Excessive exposure may result in eye, skin or

respiratory irritation.

While it is a combustible compound, its flash point is >410ºF.


Comes in a cardboard case packed with 10 ea. 0.78-pound tubes for

standard grease guns.  Each tube is shrink-wrapped and then heat

sealed in its own poly bag..

Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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