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Kevlar Fabric, Plain Weave, 4HS #770-105
Kevlar Fabric, Plain Weave, 4HS
Chemical Name:

Detailed Product Description:

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation for its family of

high strength, high modulus aramid fibers.  Aramid is technically an aromatic

polyamide—a distant cousin of Nylon.  It is light in weight, about five times stronger

than steel, ten times stronger than aluminum with only about 43% of the density

of conventional fiberglass.


It is resistant to corrosion, is non-conductive, and most importantly relative to carbon

fiber, is highly resistant to impact damage.


This was one of the first high strength synthetic fibers to gain acceptance in the

reinforced plastics industry.  Unlike the previous synthetic reinforcing fibers,

Kevlar® has a considerably higher tensile strength and modulus than fiberglass.

It is usually used for structures requiring good stiffness, high abrasion resistance, and

light weight.



Current applications include lightweight boat hulls such as kayaks and canoes, aircraft

fuselage panels, pressure vessels, high performance race car body panels and other

applications where extreme toughness combined with a high strength to weight ratio

is required.


Application Notes:

It is generally recommended to use with epoxy or vinylester resin systems.  Polyester

resin systems, while compatible, do not allow realization of the full structural advantages

of this fabric.


Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

Weave Type:                        17 x 17, 4HS

Fabric Thickness:                 .010”

Fabric Weight:     5 ounces per square yard

Dimensions:                          50” widths, sold by the yard in length





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