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Plastic Resin (Urea Formaldehyde) Adhesives

Also known as plastic resin glues, urea/formaldehyde (“UF”) adhesives are the most widely used adhesives in the wood products industry. 


They are classified as thermosetting polymers and are produced by a condensation polymerization reaction between urea and formaldehyde.  These UF polymers have proven to be very good adhesives for wooden materials.  Due to their high reactivity and cost efficiency, they are the most popular binders for many interior products.


UF resins and adhesives are available both in liquid and powder form with a wide range in viscosity, solids content, and molar ratio.  A wide range of resin technologies has been developed to offer the best possible solution for the different process conditions employed by a variety of customers.



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Urac-185 Plastic Resin Glue
Urac-185 Plastic Resin Glue
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