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  Henkel Alodine 1000 RTU Chromate Conversion Coating #680-121
Henkel Alodine 1000 RTU Chromate Conversion Coating
Chemical Name:
Alodine 1000 RTU Conversion Coating
Chromate Conversion Coating

Detailed Product Description:


This is a clear conversion coating.  As with the more common Alodine® 1201,


Alodine® 1000 RTU, is also a registered trademark of Henkel Surface Technologies


and is a chemical treatment process for aluminum used to provide corrosion protection


and as a surface preparation for paint and adhesives.  Sometimes called “aluminum


passivation,” it contains hexavalent chromium and is intended to provide corrosion


prevention even when left unpainted.  



Alodine® 1000 RTU is similar in formulation to Alodine® 1001 and is used when


a clear coating or aluminum appearance is desired instead of the more typical


gold color of the Alodine® 1201 finish.



Specification & Certifications:


Alodine® 1000 RTU methods and properties are defined by Mil-C-5541-F


(NowAMS-C-5541 andAMS-A-2473).  This product is listed on QPL-81706


and certified for Class 3 coatings.



Application Notes:


Applications in which temperatures can reach over 120ºF can break down


the corrosion resistance of the coating.  In comparison to anodizing, this


chemical film is more fragile and not generally recommended for high-use


areas.  This is a clear coating that leaves the surface with nearly the original


aluminum appearance. 



Surface Preparation:


After degreasing, aluminum surfaces must be cleaned with a suitable etchant


such as Alumiprep 33 or Metal Prep 79, followed by a water rinse.



Consult Technical Process Bulletin #235651, downloadable from the link


below for further process methods and application details.





Comes packed in either 1-pint or 1-quart HDPE lab-quality Nalgene bottles


With tamper-evident seal in heat-sealed poly bag.  Certs available on request.






Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)



Click here to download Henkel Alodine 1000 RTU Technical Process Bulletin



Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-5541F



Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-81706



Click here to download copy of QPL-81706










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