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Henkel Alodine 600 RTU Chromate Conversion Coating #680-126
Chemical Name:
Alodine 600RTU
Chromate Conversion Coating

Detailed Product Description:

Alodine® 600RTU, a registered trademark of Henkel Surface Technologies, is a

pre-mixed, ready-to-use chemical formulation for a treatment process for aluminum

used to provide corrosion protection and as a surface preparation for paint and adhesives. 

Sometimes called “aluminum passivation,” this formulation contains hexavalent

chromium and is intended to provide corrosion prevention even when left unpainted.  

The primary difference between Alodine®600 and the more common 1200, 1200S, and

1201 formulations is in coating weight.  Generally, the Alodine®600 formulation

will produce a lighter weight film than the 1200.  The Aerospace industry typically

uses the 600 formulation on areas that require electrical bonding, whereas the

Alodine 1200 series (1201, or 1200S) are called out where maximum corrosion

protection is required for surfaces to be painted or left unpainted.

For aviation applications, Alodine®600RTU is used for corrosion protection where

low electrical resistance is required.  The subsequent exposed electrically bonded

assemblies or installations must then be sealed.

Chromate conversion is an excellent treatment method to prep aluminum prior to paint

or adhesives since it greatly enhances the ability of an organic coating to form a bond

with the aluminum substrate.  Being a surface conversion treatment rather than a coating,

it will not alter the dimensions of the part.

Specification & Certifications:

Alodine® 600RTU methods and properties produce results consistent with those

defined by Mil-C-5541-F, Mil-DTL-81706, and referenced in QPL-81706-16.  

Application Notes & Surface Preparation:

This is a visible coating that leaves the surface with a golden coloration. 

Please refer to Henkel’s “Technical Process Bulletin #236705 (see link below) for proper

application and use.


Comes packed in ˝-Pint, 1-Pint, 1-Quart, 1-Gallon, or 5-Gallon HDPE containers.


Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Click here to download Henkel Alodine 600RTU Technical Process Bulletin

Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-5541F

Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-81706

Click here to download copy of QPL-81706













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