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Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid Fabric, Plain Weave, 4HS #770-106
Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid Fabric, Plain Weave, 4HS
Chemical Name:
Hybrid Fabric

Detailed Product Description:

Carbon/Kevlar® hybrid fabrics combine the impact resistance of Kevlar® with

the tensile and flexural strength of carbon fiber.  This fabric is woven with 3K carbon

in the warp direction and 1500 Denier Kevlar® in the fill direction.



Convenient way to realize the advantages of both fiber types—carbon fiber

for tensile loads and Kevlar aramid for toughness, penetration resistance and

abrasion resistance.


Application Notes:

Use with epoxy or vinylester resin systems.  Polyester resin systems do not allow

realization of the full structural advantages of this fabric.


Dimensions & Mechanical Properties:

Weave Type:                         2 x 2 Twill Weave

Fabric Thickness:                 .012”

Fabric Weight:                      5.4 ounces per square yard

Dimensions:                          50” widths, sold by the yard in length





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