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  Buffered Oxide Etch #1203-148
Chemical Name:
Buffered Oxide Etchant

Detailed Product Description:


A common buffered oxide etch solution comprised of a 6:1 volume ratio of


Ammonium Fluoride and Hydrofluoric acid. This solution is typically used


to etch thermally grown oxides at a rate of approximately 2 nanometers per


second at 25 degrees Celsius.







Buffered oxide etch (BOE), also known as buffered HF or BHF, is a


wet etchant used in microfabrication.  Its primary use is in etching thin


films of silicon dioxide (SiO2) or silicon nitride (Si3N4).





It is a mixture of a buffering agent, such as ammonium fluoride (NH4F),


and hydrofluoric acid (HF).  Concentrated HF (typically 49% in water)


etches silicon dioxide too quickly for good process control.  Buffered oxide


etch is commonly used for more controllable etching.





Some oxides produce insoluble products in HF solutions.  Thus, HCl is often


added to BOE solutions in order to dissolve these insoluble products and produce


a higher quality etch.







Read and understand all precautions stated in Material Safety Data Sheet


Strong irritant to eyes and skin. Corrosive to skin and mucous membranes. 





 Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).







Comes packed in 250ml HDPE Nalgene bottle. 




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