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Ammonium Fluoride, 200grams, ACS Reagent Grade #016-603
Ammonium Fluoride, 200grams, ACS Reagent Grade
Chemical Name:
Ammonium Fluoride
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:

Detailed Product Description:

A white crystalline powder.  Soluble in cold water.

Commonly used for etching glass or in electropolishing.



This is Reagent Grade material with a minimum purity of 99%.



Ammonium fluoride can be derived by neutralizing ammonia with

hydrofluoric acid.  It crystallizes as small prisms, having a sharp saline

taste, and is exceedingly soluble in water.


Ammonium fluoride decomposes silicates, and thus glass, on being

heated with them, a property shared among all soluble fluorides.  For

this reason it cannot be handled in glass test tubes or apparatus during

laboratory work.  It also sublimes when heated—a property common

among ammonium salts.  


Ammonium fluoride adopts the wurtzite crystal structure, in which both

the ammonium cations and the fluoride anions are stacked in ABABAB

layers, each being tetrahedrally surrounded by four of the other.  There are

NH...F hydrogen bonds between the anions and cations.


On passing hydrogen fluoride gas (in excess) through the salt, ammonium

fluoride absorbs the gas to form the addition compound ammonium hydrogen

fluoride (ammonium bifluoride).



This substance is commonly called "commercial ammonium fluoride".  The

word "neutral" is sometimes added to "ammonium fluoride" to represent the

neutral salt.  As the acid salt contains a higher percentage of fluoride by mass,

it is usually used in preference to the neutral salt in the etching of glass.


It is also used for preserving wood, as a mothproofing agent, in printing and

dying textiles, and as an antiseptic in breweries.



Toxic.  May be fatal if ingested, or inhaled.  Corrosive to tissue.  May be

absorbed through skin.  Download, read and understand the precautions

associated with this compound before use.


Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)



Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250ml sized wide-mouth

HDPE Nalgene bottle. 

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