"Making High Tech Materials & Chemicals Available to Everyone"


Consistent with our goal of being your R&D supplier of leading edge materials, we are currently establishing a supplier base that will soon allow us to offer the following unique materials:

  • Pre-cured carbon fiber panels
  • Two-part expanding urethane foam systems
  • Polyester resin systems (tooling gel, gel coat, laminating resin, flow coats)
  • Epoxy resin systems
  • Carbon fiber tubing
  • Carbon fiber fabric
  » Syntactic Structural Foams    
» Fabrics, Composite Reinforcement    
» Laminating Resin Systems    
» Carbon Fiber Tubing    
» Carbon Fiber Sheet & Plate    
» Carbon Fiber Braided Sleeves    
» Carbon Fiber Tie Rod Kits    
» Fabrication & Bonding Methods    
» Okoume Marine Grade Plywood    


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