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Private Labeling

One of our more popular services that has been the mainstay of the business includes private labeling and custom packaging. Depending upon your unique needs, we can offer many unique services.


Here are a few potential custom product scenarios:


  • You have tested a series of commercial products to be used in conjunction with the maintenance of your main product. You have arrived at one that provides the results you want and wish to control its use by your customer by linking it to the product warranty. We can obtain the commercial product in bulk, repackage it into a unique container design of your choice and affix a label with your company logo and part number on it.


  • You have a product that will require some assembly or final preparation by your end customer. This preparation requires the use of an adhesive and/or solvent, a cleaner, or some other chemical compound. We can help you define these compositions, formulate them and package them in unique containers labeled with your company logo and specific instructions for use. 


  • Your product requires the use of a product which currently must be diluted by your customer placing your product performance at risk of the ability of the user to properly measure and mix the constituents. We can provide the product in its pre-blended form in a container labeled with your logo and part number. 


  • You have tested a series of commercial products to be used in conjunction with your main product but they all have certain deficiencies. You have a need for a custom formulation that incorporates the best features of the various commercial products but eliminates the adverse constituents. We can custom-formulate a specific blend for you to meet your needs and provide this product in a labeled container with your logo.


  • There is a specific product that you must supply to your facility or production floor but have neither the place nor the authorization of your safety department to stock excess inventory. We can package such a product in the appropriately-sized container compatible with your safety department’s requirements. We can then provide this inventory on a scheduled shipment plan so it is always available but the on-site inventory never exceeds allowable limits. 


Just go to our "Technical Support" tab and give us the particulars of your project and/or pertinent contact information and we will be happy to work with you create your special product.








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