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Specialty Coatings

Tired of hardware store clerks who know less about coating technology than you do? 


Here in your High Tech Hardware Store you will find the behind-the-scenes information typically known only by those in the coating industry. 


You will learn why certain compounds work better than others, why some coatings are so expensive and others so cheap.  


You will then understand why we recommend the products we represent.  Armed with this knowledge, you will be better prepared to make the proper product selection from our array of top quality products. 




  » Clear Coatings for Copper & Brass    
» Garage & Shop Floor Coatings    
» International Shipment Costs    
» Low-Friction Bottom Coatings    
» Paint Strippers    
» Powder Coating Services    
» Vacuum Deposition Coatings    
» The Science of Specialty Coatings    
» Aerospace Finishes    
» Clear Marine Finishes    
» Conversion Coatings    
» Indicating Coatings    
» Ceramic Coatings    
» Elastomeric Coatings    


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