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Ethyl Alcohol, 500ml, 200-Proof, Denatured #015-5541
Ethyl Alcohol, 500ml, 200-Proof, Denatured
Chemical Name:
Ethyl Alcohol
CAS Number:
Chemical Formula:
Ethanol, Grain Alcohol

Detailed Product Description:

A colorless, flammable, volatile liquid.  This is 100% pure ethanol or 200 proof—often referred

to as absolute alcohol.  This form is denatured to prevent ingestion and thus avoid the Federal

excise taxes for liquor.

Soluble in water, other alcohols, chloroform, acetone and ethers.

Often used as a less-toxic alternative to other alcohols as a surface-cleaning solvent.

Is growing in popularity as an additive/extender in automotive gasolines.


Flammable, dangerous fire risk.  Flammability limits in air range from 3.3 to 19%.

Can be toxic by ingestion.  TLV = 1,000ppm


Comes packed in 500ml amber glass bottle.  Also available in 250ml size.



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