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Epoxy Laminating Resin #745-101
Epoxy Laminating Resin

Detailed Product Description:

System 2000 Epoxy Resin is a low viscosity, light amber laminating resin that

is designed for fabricating parts and for other demanding structural applications.

Use this system to maximize the physical properties of carbon fiber, Kevlar®,

and S-Glass laminates.  Test results have proven superiority of this formulation over

other room temperature cure epoxies.  Its low viscosity and great handling

characteristics make it a favorite in the home workshop also.

Three high performance hardener systems are available for the System 2000 resin—the

20 minute, 60 minute and 120 minute pot life versions are all options.  This added

variety allows the fabricator to select the system best suited to the size, complexity,

or time-frame of the project.  Simple parts which need to be de-molded quickly should

use the 20 minute hardener.  Larger and more complex parts can use either of the other


Vacuum Bagging applications would typically warrant the longest 2 hour working time.

As with any epoxy system, adhere to the proper mix ratios and maintain an adequate

curing temperature of at least 70˚F.  The cure time will be cut in half for every 10˚F that

the temperature is raised above 70˚F.  Purchase a single cure, or buy resin in bulk and

order a variety of hardeners to keep on hand for any project. 

Application Notes:

Chopped strand mat contains a binder which prevents proper bonding with epoxy resins.

Use our polyester or vinyl ester resins with chopped strand mat.



Color:                                     clear

Viscosity:                              4,000 centistokes

Density:                                 9 lbs/gallon

Chemical Family:                  Bis-A Epoxy Resin



Can be an eye and skin irritant. 

For best results use at 70ºF or above.


Comes packed in 1 gallon can.




Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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