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Vinylester Laminating Resin #740-101
Vinylester Laminating Resin

Detailed Product Description:

Vinylester resins are often described as the best of both worlds between

polyester and epoxy resins, falling between poly­ester and epoxy with

regard to cost, physical properties and processing characteristics.


Vinylesters are more precisely “epoxy acrylates” which helps to explain

their high resistance to solvent and corrosive chemical attack.   And, as

with most commercially-available epoxies, vinylester resins are based

on the “Bisphenol-A/epichlorohydrin reaction. 


This vinylester resin is formulated for maximum corrosion resistance to

most fuels, vapors, and both acidic and basic chemicals.  It is also heat

resistant and blended for toughness.  These qualities make it perfect for

repairing tank linings, blistering boat hulls, as well as fabricating structural

parts with improved toughness and higher strength at elevated temperatures.


Vinylesters have found favor in certain high-end marine industry products

with hulls becoming nearly impervious to blistering and osmotic prob­lems.

Commonly used in all areas of modern high perfor­mance composites, vinylester

is proving to be a terrific alternative to conventional resins in racing, marine

and aerospace applications where higher strength and better dimensional stability

at elevated temperatures are required.



Color:                                     clear


Density:                                 9 lbs/gallon

Chemical Family:                  Vinylester

Additives:                             none

Hardener:                               Catalyze with 1.25% MEKP

Shelf Life:                              Limited to 3 months.

Application Notes:

Vinylester is com­patible with all reinforcement fabrics—E-Glass, S-Glass,

Kevlar and Carbon Fiber.


It is important to note that this is a “pre-promoted” formulation which means

for user convenience, it already contains the required “CoNap” and “DMA”

constituents to promote cure.  All that is required for use is the addition of

approximately 1.25% MEKP to initiate the cure reaction.  Therefore, this

material has a rated shelf-life of about 3 months, so order only as needed. 



Can be an eye and skin irritant. 

For best results use at 70şF or above.


Comes packed in 1 gallon can.





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