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Henkel Alodine 600 Chromate Conversion Concentrate #680-128
Chemical Name:
Alodine 600 Powder
Chromate Conversion Coating

Detailed Product Description:

Henkel Alodine®600 is a highly concentrated powdered chemical composition

used to create immersion baths for application of a protective conversion coating

on aluminum surfaces.



Alodine® is a registered trademark of Henkel Surface Technologies and is a chemical

treatment process for aluminum used to provide corrosion protection and as a surface

preparation for paint and adhesives.  Sometimes called “aluminum passivation,” it

contains hexavalent chromium and is intended to provide corrosion prevention even

when left unpainted.  


Specification & Certifications:

Alodine®600 methods and properties are defined in Mil-C-5541-F (Now AMS-C-5541)

and AMS-A-2473.  Additionally, Alodine® 600 is listed on the Qualified Products List,

QPL-81706 for Class 3 coatings.


Application Notes:

This is a visible coating that leaves the surface with a coloration ranging from a light

Iridescent gold to tan depending upon alloy and immersion time. 


Surface Preparation:

Consult Henkel “Technical Process Bulletin #0980” (see link below) for recommended

surface preparation.


Immersion Process:

Consult Henkel “Technical Process Bulletin #0980” (see link below) for recommended

coating process sequence and parameters. 



This is a powdered formulation.  Use respirator to prevent inhalation of dust when making up

immersion bath.  Read and understand the MSDS, downloadable below before using this




Comes packed in 12.5-pound (1-gallon-sized) metal can (makes exactly 100 gallons)




Click here to download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Click here to download Henkel Alodine® 600 Technical Process Bulletin


Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-5541F


Click here to download copy of Mil-DTL-81706


Click here to download copy of QPL-81706

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