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Magnesium Preparation, Treatment & Coating Kit #680-230
Chemical Name:
Magnesium Preparation, Treatment & Coating Kit


Product Description:

By popular demand, we are now offering a complete kit for total repair and re-coating of magnesium alloy castings and machined parts.


Those of you familiar with our "Magnesium Treatment Kits" know the convenience of having everything necessary to apply a corrosion-preventing conversion coating to your prepared magnesium parts prior to paint.  However, many of our customers have made the observation that we didn't go far enough.


Over the years we received numerous requests to expand these kits to include materials for all the process steps from paint remotal, to corrosion removal right up tyo and including the application of epoxy primer.  Aircraft/Rotorcraft repair facilities in particular wanted to minimize the chasing around typically necessary toprocure all the special materials necessary to properly perform these repairs in a manner that was acceptable to the FAA.


Now we are offering a complete kit that provides all the materials necessary to perform all of the following process steps:


1.  Coating removal (paint stripping)--The kit comes with a Boeing-approved environmentally friendly paint stripper that quickly and effectively removes polyurethane top coats and epoxy primer coats.


2.  Corrosion removal (neutralization and dissolution of magnesium corrosion compounds)--Included is a specially-formulated acid-based solution that will dissolve corrosion compounds leaving clean, bare magnesium surfaces.


3.  Surface Passivation (Conversion Coating--Magnesium Treatment Solution)--This is our Dow 19 typically provided in our Magnesium Treatment Kits to provide a conversion coating that provides corrosion resistance and acts as an adhesion promotor.


4.  Primer (Epoxy primer)--And finally is included an aircraft-quality non-etching epoxy primer kit (resin, catalyst, and reducer).



Contents come packed in a polyethylene bucket with screw-on lid providing a very compact and convenient storage package.


Specification Compliance:

This kit is comprised of all materials required to treat magnesium alloys to produce a chromate conversion coating that will conform to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type VI (formerly MIL-C-3171, Type VI).  The application method conforms to the requirements specified in NAVAIR 01-1A-509 and is consistent with repair process for magnesium alloys.


Additionally, the kit includes an epoxy primer kit that meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-PRF-23377 in preparation for subsequent application of polyurethane top coats.


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