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Heavy Metal, Metal Polish, Coarse, Red, 8oz. #400-121
Heavy Metal, Metal Polish, Coarse, Red, 8oz.

Detailed Product Description:

If your aluminum surface has been allowed to become oxidized to the point that it is hard to see any sort of reflection, Heavy Metal Coarse Abrasive Polish is your starting point. 


Recommended for use as a stripping and smoothing agent on rough, heavily oxidized, or corroded non-plated metals, it functions in a manner analogous to a liquid sandpaper and should be followed by either the medium or fine grades of polish to develop the full polished appearance.


As with the other two formulations, Heavy Metal Coarse Metal Polish also contains penetrating oils and waxes that continue to protect the surface from oxidation after polishing for several weeks.


Package Size:

8-ounce plastic bottle




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