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Vacuum Pump & Extreme Duty Gearcase Oil #800-134
Vacuum Pump & Extreme Duty Gearcase Oil

Detailed Product Description:

This is a synthetic-based gearcase oil packaged specifically for Hibon Vacuum Blowers. It is based on Mobilís SHC 630 synthetic oil.

It is labeled with the following part numbers:

 DGR Part Number: 800-134

 BOC Edwards Part Number: 314385-001

 Lam Research Part Number: 799-047371-001


Under normal conditions of intended use, this product does not pose a risk to health. 

Excessive exposure may result in eye, skin or respiratory irritation.

While it is a combustible liquid, its flash point is >410ļF.


Comes in a cardboard case packed with 10 ea. 1-liter polyethylene cylinders

with flip-open spouts. Each bottle is heat-sealed in its own poly bag.


Call For Pricing: (650) 273-2113


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