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Label Removal Solvent, Formula #30 #520-922
Label Removal Solvent, Formula #30
Label Removal, Label Adhesive Removal Solvent

Detailed Product Description:

Many products or raw materials come with various types of labels attached to them.  For any of a number of reasons, you might need to remove those labels.  Nothing is more frustrating than peeling off the label only to leave a gooey pad of adhesive behind on the surface.

There are two families of label adhesives in common use currently; acrylics and latex.  The two families will require completely different solvent formulations to properly remove them from the surfaces to which they have been applied.

Formula #30:

This product was formulated specifically for removal of latex-based adhesives and gummed labels as found in labware, paper labels, etc.

Not as aggressive as Formula #25 and is typically compatible with most plastics in addition to all metals, ceramics and most cured painted surfaces.


As a general caution, confirm material compatibility on test piece before using on end product.


Formulated for industrial use only.  Extremely flammable liquid and vapors.  Use only with adequate ventilation.


Comes packed in 2 oz. Cylindrical steel can with screw cap.



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