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Alumiprep 33 Aluminum Cleaner #680-115
Alumiprep 33 Aluminum Cleaner
Chemical Name:
Alumiprep 33
Phosphoric Acid



Detailed Product Description:


Alumiprep 33® is a non-flammable phosphoric acid-based cleaner, brightener


and pre-paint conditioner for aluminum.  Alumiprep 33 produces a chemically


clean and corrosion-free aluminum surface.



Alumiprep 33 can be used to deep clean and brighten an aluminum surface prior


to welding, painting or to prepare the surface for a subsequent conversion coating.



Application Notes:


Typical treatment time (defined as the time Alumiprep 33® solution is in contact


with the metal surface) is between two and five minutes.  It is normally applied at


temperatures between room and 120°F.   If drying does occur, re-wet the surface


with Alumiprep 33® solution, prior to water rinsing.



Alumiprep 33® solution should not be allowed to dry on the metal surface or


Permitted to re-oxidize prior to a thorough rinse.  A thorough rinse with clean


water is necessary to remove both residual Alumiprep 33® solution and oils that


have been lifted from the metal surface.



A clean surface is a "water-break-free surface".  The rinse water sheets out over


The aluminum surface, while oil remaining on the surface will cause the water to


bead up.  Chemical cleaners will lift and break down oils on the surface and assist


in rinsing them from the surface on the metal.



Alumiprep 33® cleaning and conditioning chemicals will aggressively attack


Aluminum oxidation and corrosion to completely remove them, leaving a bright


clean metal surface.  In the case of heavy corrosion, its removal can be aided by


the use of scrubbing.  Often a Scotch-Brite pad is used for scrubbing.



Brush Application:


For light oxidation and corrosion removal dilute one part Alumiprep 33® with


five parts water.  For heavy oxidation and corrosion removal dilute one part


Alumiprep 33® with two parts water.



Immersion Application:


For each 100 parts of bath, add 25 parts of Alumiprep 33® to 75 parts of water.



Spray Application using 62-G Applicator:


Set dilution control on 3 allowing a mix of one part Alumiprep 33® to three


parts water.





Before handling the chemical products used in the process, the first aid and


handling recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet for the product


should be read, understood and followed.



The processing bath is acidic.  Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.  In


case of contact, follow the recommendations found in the Material Safety


Data Sheet for Alumiprep 33®.



Alumiprep 33® should not be used on high copper bearing aluminum alloys


or aluminum castings. 



Acid resisting (rubber, stainless steel or plastic) buckets, troughs or other suitable


container should be used to hold the diluted Alumiprep 33® solution.  Ordinary


steel pails may be used, but only for a short time. Galvanized containers should


not be used. 



Operators should be equipped with rubber gloves, aprons and goggles to avoid


contact with the solution.  Adequate ventilation should be provided.



Storage Requirements:


Alumiprep 33® will freeze at 15° Fahrenheit.  Freezing is not detrimental to the product.


It is  recommended that the product be kept from freezing.  However, should the


product freeze, simply thaw it in a warm place and stir it prior to use.



Waste Disposal Information:


Applicable regulations concerning disposal and discharge of chemicals should be


consulted and followed.  Disposal information for the chemical products used in


this process is given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for each product.





Packed in 1-quart plastic bottle.






Click here to download pdf copy of MSDS



Click here to download pdf copy of Technical Process Bulletin






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