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Sulfur, 200 grams #016-911
Sulfur, 200 grams
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This is a pale yellow powder with a particle size of 100 mesh. It

is insoluble in water but soluble in benzene, toluene and carbon



This is Reagent Grade material with a minimum purity of 97%.


Sulfur (or sulphur) is an abundant multivalent non-metal. Sulfur,

in its native form, is a yellow crystalline solid. In nature, it can

be found as the pure element and as both sulfide and sulfate minerals.

Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers, but it is also widely

used in gunpowder, matches, insecticides and fungicides. In a non-

scientific context it has historically been referred to as brimstone.

At room temperature, sulfur is a soft, bright-yellow solid. Elemental

sulfur has only a faint odor, similar to that of matches. Sulfur burns

with a blue flame that emits sulfur dioxide, notable for its peculiar

suffocating odor due to dissolving in the mucosa to form dilute

sulfurous acid. Sulfur forms stable compounds with all elements

except the noble gases.

A noteworthy property of sulfur is that its viscosity in its molten

state, unlike most other liquids, increases above temperatures of

200 C due to the formation of polymers. The molten sulfur

assumes a dark red color above this temperature. At higher

temperatures, however, the viscosity is decreased as depolymerization



One of the direct uses of sulfur is in vulcanization of rubber, where

polysulfides crosslink organic polymers. It reacts directly with

methane to give carbon disulfide, which is used to manufacture

cellophane and rayon. Also used in pulp and paper processing,

detergents, petroleum refining, manufacture of sulfuric acid, insecticides,

slow-release fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals.


Flammable solid. Dust may form flammable mixture with air. May be

harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Causes eye irritation. May cause

irritation to skin and respiratory tract.

Read and understand the precautions provided in MSDS available


Click here to download copy of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


Contents of 200 grams comes packed in 250 ml sized wide-mouth HDPE

Nalgene bottle.

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