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Dow 7 Magnesium Treatment Compound #680-295
Dow 7 Magnesium Treatment Compound
Chemical Name:
Dow 7 Magnesium Treatment Compound
Dow 7

Product Description:


The Dow 7 magnesium treatment compound is provided as a pre-


mixed powder that is dissolved at time of use in 4 gallons of water. 


This will produce enough solution for a 4-gallon immersion bath.



The complete process will require the initial activator solution which


is available as either Type I or Type II.  Scroll down to the “Related


Products” section below to see the activators and description for their


proper selection which is alloy dependent.






Magnesium and its alloys are more galvanically active than even zinc


on the galvanic series.  Magnesium will form a strong galvanic cell with


every other metal it comes into contact with and is always sacrificial. 


When magnesium corrosion is detected, it requires immediate attention


or the corrosion will spread throughout the entire structure.  Therefore,


these alloys must be properly protected from corrosion damage.





Dow 7 is a good choice for both new and overhauled parts that have


dissimilar materials such as inserts, or where conditions will tolerate a


less robust and less costly alternative to Dow 17 anodizing.  It makes


an excellent paint base and provides the best corrosion protection of


the available chemical coatings for magnesium. 



Dow 7 is a chemical conversion coating which results in no appreciable


dimensional change to the component.  The surface of components coated


with Dow 7 is changed to a brassy or dark brown finish depending on the 


alloy.  Note that this coating film is dielectric (non-conductive).




Process Description:


The complete process requires two steps.  The first step is an activator


immersion which is done at ambient temperature in the range between


70ºF and 90ºF.  This is followed by a distilled water rinse.



The second step will require a stainless steel vessel that will allow


the heating of the Dow 7 solution to boiling point (200ºF).  Immersion


time for the parts is about 30 minutes, also followed by a water


rinse before allowing to hang dry for 24 hours.



Specification & Certifications:


The coating produced by proper application of the contents of this solution


conforms to SAE AMS-M-3171, Type III (formerly MIL-M-3171, Type III),


sometimes referred to as “Dow 7”. 





Not for use on the following magnesium alloys: EK30A, EK41A, HM31A,


HM21A, HK31A, La141A and M1A.  Due to their chemistry, no coatings


form on these particular alloys.



Application Notes:


Castings containing bearings, studs, and inserts of brass, bronze, steel and


cadmium-plated steel may be treated using this process.  Note that aluminum


inserts will be rapidly attacked by the Hydrofluoric acid present in the Type II





Use alkaline cleaners containing less than 2% caustic for ZK60A, ZK60B and


some Magnesium Lithium alloys, as dimensional losses due to etching may occur.





Extended exposure of the developed coating to elevated operating temperatures


in excess of 150ºF will dehydrate the coating resulting in reduced corrosion







Powdered chemical compound comes packed in 1-gallon can to be dissolved


in 4-gallons of water.


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