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Tap-X Broken Tap Removal Kit #680-117
Tap-X Broken Tap Removal Kit
Chemical Name:
Tap-X Broken Tap Removal Kit

Detailed Product Description:


Tap-X contains a safe, proprietary chemical formulation that will


dissolve your broken tap without damage to the substrate material.





This product has been used successfully in the Aerospace industry


for over 25 years. Tap-X removes broken taps and cutting tools by


chemically dissolving the tool without causing damage to the part.





Removes broken taps and cutting tools quickly and economically


without the expense of EDM equipment. Its convenience eliminates


the need to send the affected part out for processing.





Application Notes:


Tap-X is safe to use on any material substrate with low or no carbon


content. It is particularly effective for removing broken taps from


stainless steel, all titanium alloys, and all the popular aluminum alloys.





Do not use on substrates of magnesium, high-carbon tool steels,


Chrome-Moly 4130 or 4140, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper alloys


or zinc.







Kit comes packed in a plated steel can overpack.





Kit contains a 4-ounce bottle of degreasing solvent, a 4-ounce bottle


of Tap-X solution, and a 4-ounce bottle of neutralizer solution. 





Also includes modeling clay for making containment dams, a dissecting


needle to eliminate air bubbles and to probe tapped holes, and complete










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