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Analyzing Precious Metals #710-135
Analyzing Precious Metals
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Analyzing Precious Metals For Content & Purity


"Gold Testing Secrets"


How to instantly determine if a piece of jewelry is worthless ... or worth a fortune!


With the right information, and some inexpensive equipment, you can quickly position yourself to buy old jewelry at bargain prices and flip it for its precious metals content—and make a fortune doing it.


Being in the industrial chemical business, our company gets calls all the time regarding what chemicals are required to do such testing, how to do it, what to look for, etc. While the test methods are well known within the industry, the internet is filled with misinformation for the uninitiated.


We wondered why, with nearly universal access to the internet, people were still so confused regarding precious metals testing that we would get so many e-mails and phone calls regarding the subject.


So We Did A Little Research Of Our Own…


Well, we have to admit, no wonder people are so confused. After reading many of the testing instructions included in test kits and the various instructions provided on various websites, it became clear that many of them were written by people who had never actually performed any of these tests. They were simply copying other incorrect or misleading information so they could just rush a me-too test kit to the market.


But even worse than what they tell you that is either confusing or wrong, is what they don’t tell you that could easily cost you a small fortune in missed opportunities—there’s a lot more than just gold out there.


There are 7 other precious metals out there—do you know what they are? Where they are? How to find them? How to test for them?


While anyone can pour a few chemicals into some little bottles, box them up and call them a test kit, we thought our customers might be a little more interested in actually knowing what they are doing—so they could actually make some money from such testing.


Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. We had a client who had some White Gold jewelry. She took it in to a dealer to have it estimated and to sell it. The dealer properly identified it as 18-Karat White Gold. But what he didn’t mention was that there are a couple of ways to create White Gold. One way is to add Nickel to the Gold—in which case the piece is only worth the Gold content weight times the spot price—roughly 18/24 of the total weight of the piece in ounces times the spot price. The other way to make White Gold is to add Palladium which, right now, is worth nearly as much as Gold. That means the piece is actually worth the actual total weight times the Gold/Palladium spot prices—a difference of 25%!


You need to learn how to quickly and easily value your items—don’t be fooled by the gold buyer at the counter. You need to know the real value BEFORE you decide to buy or sell!

We have created a concise, but comprehensive handbook that will first give you the basic knowledge to begin to practice using testing kits. But we then provide you more advanced techniques that, with some patience and more practice, will find you becoming an expert precious metals analyzer.


So, by popular demand, we have created what we believe will become the industry reference book on the subject of…


Analyzing Precious Metals For Content And Purity”


We used the original work by C.M. Hoke, in his original, hard-to-find pamphlet, "Testing Precious Metals," as a starting point.  We then added significantly to the content to create this one-stop handbook in which you will find instructions on testing Gold (From 10K to 24K) Silver, Platinum, Palladium, all the White Golds and even Iridium and Rhodium.



Take a look at the Table of Contents:


Section 1   Analyzing Precious Metal Alloys

Section 2   The Scratch Test--The touchstone method for gold and silver

Section 3   Non-chemical qualitative tests

Section 4   Platinum & its alloys

Section 5   The White Golds--Detecting Palladium & Nickel

Section 6   Understanding the common jewelry alloys

Section 7   Gold jewelry alloys

Section 8   The silver alloys

Section 9   Introduction to the platinum group metals

Section 10 Platinum jewelry alloys

Section 11 Palladium

Section 12 Rhodium

Section 13 Osmium

Section 14 Ruthenium

Section 15 Iridium


Section 16  Definition of terms used in precious metals testing

Section 17  Equipment list for precious metals testing

Section 18  The acid dropping bottle

Section 19  Nitric acid--basic facts & information

Section 20  Hydrochloric acid--basic facts & information

Section 21  Aqua Regia--basic facts & information

Section 22  Table of metals and their responses to acids and flame

Section 23  Gas torch selection for flame testing

Section 24  Waste chemical disposal

Section 25  Hardness testing

Section 26  Refiners of precious metals







Here’s what you will learn in, “Analyzing Precious Metals For Content And Purity”…

  • How to instantly determine if a piece of jewelry or coin is worthless ... or worth a fortune!

  • "30-Second Valuation." How to determine the karat weight of any piece of gold, know its exact worth, and determine YOUR profit in less than a minute.

  • "The 3-Way Purity Test." Three ways to test gold & determine its purity ... or know if it's as FAKE as a 3-dollar bill.

  • When 18-karat gold is worth more than 24-karat gold—this is seeing value where others miss it.

  • "Broadening Your Expertise." How to make money on silver, white gold, and the platinum group metals (on top of your gold-buying cash flow!)

  • Learn the formulations of all the Precious Metal Testing Solutions so you can make your own, so they are always fresh and effective.
  • How to assemble a world class precious metals analysis work station that will make your work fast, effective, and overwhelmingly profitable.

  • Why pawn shops, gold shops, and any place that says “We buy gold,” are the last places to sell your precious metals—assuming you want to maximize profits. We will put you in touch with the people who can give you 95 cents on the dollar.

Have you ever wondered why the pawn shops, jewelry stores, and scrap metals dealers all have those signs out that say, “We Buy Gold!”? I can guarantee you it is not out of some concern for landfills or their love of the planet that they are so willing to recycle this stuff.


You can be assured that whatever they are offering to pay you for your old jewelry, they know they can count on getting at least double that when they send it out to the refiner.


Why do they know this? Because up until now, this information has been contained within the industry—what is called “tribal knowledge.”


But if you arm yourself with this tribal knowledge, you immediately become an insider possessing all the advantages that translate into non-stop profits…so;


Here's how to order...

We want to get you your own copy of our popular new handbook, “Analyzing Precious Metals For Content And Purity,” for only $97.


Just click the "Add to cart" button below.  It is downloadable with your order so you're going to get started today.



Here’s What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:


“Yep, you were right. I had previously purchased one of those inexpensive gold testing kits on eBay. It came with instructions the size of a business card. Now that I have read your handbook on testing, I now know I was doing it completely wrong. But what was worse, I had no idea what I was doing. Now I understand how it all works. Thanks for the great detail.”


Cedar Rapids, Iowa



“I first saw your book on your website, but then I saw those $12 test kits on eBay and ordered one of those instead. It worked alright on some yellow gold scrap I had but when I got to the white gold, and the platinum scrap, it was useless. So I finally ordered your book (which I wish I had done in the first place). What a difference. It made me the local authority. Now I have people in the neighborhood coming to me for advice and my expertise.”


Kansas City, Missouri


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